New Act - Who gets to wear the hat

Hello everyone, just a little update.
In April I was in Madrid performing at the EUCIMA juggling festival, as well as in Israel performing in the Israeli Juggling convention. I had an amazing time at both festivals and got the chance to perform my new act Who gets to wear the hat.

Here is the video of the full act performed in the Teatro Circo Price Madrid.
Live music at the start of the act by Ombligo. Muchas gracias!
filmed by MacShalbert Productions
Thumbnail photo - Ori Roth


Vorstadt Variete - in Switzerland


This winter I am performing on possibly the smallest stage in all of Switzerland. The stage is in a small restaurant that is located Schaffhausen. I am performing aerial rope as well as hat juggling even though the ceiling of the stage is maybe a foot and a half above my raised arm. Giving yourself constraints like this always creates interesting things in the end.

We are performing the show until January 24th. If you would like to come and see it, you can find the dates that we are playing here.

Photot Credit - Romano Padeste

Photot Credit - Romano Padeste

Swing Circus - In Color

This past October I had the amazing opportunity to work with Swing Circus on their new creation “In Color”. I was very excited about the chance to perform Lindy Hop on stage for the first time. We only had 12 days to put together a show from the ground up, (without a director), which was a harrowing experience at times. But in the end we were able to create something that we were all happy with.

We are planning to perform it again this year in the UK at the end of May 2019, and then continue working on it next fall. Hope to see you at a Circus Show sometime soon.

Check out their facebook page to stay up to date with whats happening
Here are some photos.


photo Credit - Andre Pattenden

Circus Fahraway - Drüll

Circus Fahraway has just finished up its 2018 summer tour with its show, “Drüll”. The tour took us all through the German-speaking area and some of the French-speaking area of Switzerland. We performed for young and old, in big cities and on little farms. It was truly a pleasure working and living with the Circus Fahraway crew.

If you missed it this summer, don’t be too sad. There is some super secret talk that we will be back with the same, but even a bit better, show next summer. And we might even be touring it to places outside of Switzerland!!!

Stay tuned to hear more about next year.

Photo Credit - Tilman Pfäfflin

Photo Credit - Tilman Pfäfflin